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Certified and trained by Japanese Scientifics.

Auto Realization

Where the Quality of Gratefulness, Determination, Courage, Intelligence, Ability, Heroism & Divine Help Manifests. I Give Special Thanks to All of YOU, Who have Walked into «My Life» this time around, whether for a Moment or a Lifetime. Thanks for the Wonderful Association from My Huge Material and Spiritual Family I Do have:) I am Doing The Mission Of My Life as an Humble Offer to God and All of Us. I am willing to Unconditional Serve. Helping Each Other to The Enlightenment of High Being and Enter in The Sweetest Dimension of The Divine Time. The Eternity. Meeting The Eternal Constitutional Position with GodHead (Krishna For Me:) As a Servant of The Servant of The Servant ……… of GOD. ​Engaging Your Real Self into The High Taste in Person, Meeting His Personality. His Different Moods…He Says: I AM The Positive (The Male) & We are The Negative ​(The Female) As Spiritual Beings. That’s Why, He is The All Attractive. The Ocean of Pleasures, Merciful As His Beauty, Protective until The Max Expression Of Lord Sri Nrihinja , Compassionate as a Radharani, Patient as Mother, Handsome as HimSelf, Gentleman as a Real King, Kindness God…He is The Perfect Lover, The Only One!!! I ever See. My Blue King. My Musa, My Godsh!!! Krishhhhh naaaaaaaaa the connection from My HeArt into His Flute.

Demystifying the Modern Mystic of Life

If we, Advance Confidently in the Direction of our common Dream, and Endeavor to find The Life We, Have IMAGINED. Then and Only Then, we will Meet with «The Unexpected Success» from All Orders, in daily Common Hours. Offering Devotional Service to our HeArt in Connection with Our Own Source. Like this We can Pass an invisible boundary, New, Universal and more liberal laws will begin to establish themselves around Us and we will live with higher orders.

Survival Tools to Heal the Spirit

The Spiritual Healing We are Receiving from The Understanding of Our Place in The Universe will Abide in Us and Radiant to the World as Unconditional Love, Appreciation & Compassion. Following, we can Use as Many Tools as Possible To Love Our Self As we Love Others: Find Ways to Connect our self to our Spiritual being full of Eternal Love, Beatitude & Peace that Is waiting For All of Us… In this is The Golden Age of Enlightenment that We Just started 500 Years Ago, during only 10.000 Years. It’s looks a lot for Us!!! but in the Reality, It’s Not!!! This World of Duality its affected with the enormous Human degradation, every Day more when We Wake Up! and We Are Ignoring The Future & Past! God Knows. Him!… Him Self is Whispering Into Our Ears from Life Plus Life, Pls, Chant & Dance The Holy Names With Love and Devotion and Be Happy. In this form He is letting Us Know That We Are Spiritual Being Living in a Human Body Worldly Experiences… risking the chance to don’t reincarnate in a Human form The Next’s Lives. ~Use The Power of Healing Through Mantra Meditation. Specially, The Famous Maha Mantra of 16 Words… That include all Others Mantras from the III Worlds. (Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare)

~ Decree Your Present! Vision Your Future with a Clear Picture of Your Role into it. ~ Feel Happy from Inside Out Helping Each Others. ~ Talk with Affirmation Daily. ~ Meditate in Daily Bases. ~ Trust in your Higher Self. ~ Find Something Daily for which to be Grateful. ~ Feed Your Spirit Daily with Spiritual Practices. ~ Find Joy & Passion in Your Life. To Transcend it. ~ Use Energetic Medicine When Needed. ~ Keep Company with Like-Minded People. ~ Find a Way to Feel Unconditional Love by offering Service to Others in Relation to «God» (Krishna for Me:). ~ Read Spiritually Uplifting Materials to Inspire you to Write your Own Mission. Normally, is The Service That you Like The Most… ~ Monitor Your Thoughts, Focus on Beauty, Absolute True and Eternity… ~ Become Childlike Often!!! Play with Kids and Teach them with Love, As The Future Generation. ~ Have Fun! in a Healthy Ways. ~ Be Spontaneous! Meet Your Potentials on our Own Self. ~ Spend at Least Part of The Day Living in The Moment. ~ Spend Time in Nature connecting with Mother Earth. Who is One of Seven 7 Mothers We Do Have. ~ Keep Your HeArt Open to All Possibilities. Specially To Feel The Unconditional Love from our Eternal Father. Who is Waiting for our Wake Up! to Live as Spiritual Being. In Vrindavan, The Spiritual World. ~ Practicing Bhakti Yoga Daily, Serving by reading Books, Listening Musics, Hearing Harikatha, Personal Grow Courses, deep Retreats, IGNITE for High Consciousness Association.

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